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Rock Playlist 2005

31 mars 2006

INTERPOL                                                  Evil
LE TIGRE                                                   TKO
KASABIAN                                                 Cutt Off
KINGS OF LEON                                         Four Kicks
MERCURY REV                                           In A Funny Way
THE OTHERS                                              Lackey
BLACK MOUNTAIN                                     Modern Music
LITTLE BARRIE                                          Free Salute
MERCURY REV                                          Vermillion
BLONDE REDHEAD                                    Melody
BECK                                                         Ghettochip Malfunction (Hell Yes)
THE LITTLE FLAMES                                  Goodbye Little Rose
SHIVAREE                                                 I Close My Eyes
THE FILM                                                  Can You Touch Me?
HOLLYWOOD PORN STARS                      Actarus
PIANO CLUB                                             Walkin’ Bigfoot
THE FUTUREHEADS                                  Hounds Of Love
MAXÏMO PARK                                          Apply Some Pressure
THE THRILLS                                            The Irish Keep Gate-Crashing
RAMMSTEIN                                              Keine Lust
RUFUS WAINWRIGHT                              The One You Love
ALEC EMPIRE                                           Gotta Get Out
THE MARS VOLTA                                     The Widow
BECK                                                          E-Pro
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE                      Little Sister
ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI                       It’5!
ARCADE FIRE                                              Laika
PANICO                                                     Transpiralo
ALAMO RACE TRACK                                We Like To Go On
THE BEES                                                    Chicken Payback
KINGS OF LEON                                           King Of The Rodeo
INTERPOL                                                      C’mere
LES GEORGES LENINGRAD                           Supa Doopa
THE RAVEONETTES                                        Love In A Trashcan
THE RAKES                                                   Retreat
THE CRIBS                                                   Hey Scenesters!
ELECTRELANE                                              Bells
THE ROGERS SISTERS                                  Freight Elevator
EELS                                                              Trouble With Dreams
CALC                                                              The Secretive Show
SYSTEM OF A DOWN                                       BYOB
WEEZER                                                       Beverly Hills
MAXÏMO PARK                                              Graffiti
ART BRUT                                                    Emily Kane
CALC                                                           Our Secret Key Chest
CALC                                                           Suicide Gurls
THE CORAL                                                 In The Morning
JULIETTE & THE LICKS                                You’re Speaking My Language
EELS                                                        Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living)
HOT HOT HEAT                                            Goodnight Goodnight
ANTONY & THE JOHNSONS                            Hope There’s Someone
KAISER CHIEFS                                       Everyday I Love You Less And Less
ARCADE FIRE                                                Power Out
COLDPLAY                                                     Speed Of Sound
THE WHITE STRIPES                                       Blue Orchid
ARCTIC MONKEYS                                          Fake Tales Of San Francisco
THE SPINTO BAND                                          Oh Mandy
THE SUNSHINE                                               She’s My Television
HARD-FI                                                          Hard To Beat
SUFJAN STEVENS                                             Chicago
BECK                                                                    Girl
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE                             In My Head
THE KOOKS                                                         Eddie’s Gun
WOLF PARADE                                                   Shine A Light
ARCADE FIRE                                                    Cold Wind
THE GREENHORNES feat. Holly Golightly          There Is An End
STEPHEN MALKMUS                                           Baby C’mon
SUPERGRASS                                                     St. Petersburg
HAL                                                                    Don’t Come Running
BROADCAST                                                      America’s Boy
WEEZER                                                             We Are All On Drugs
THE ROLLING STONES                                       Rough Justice
THE WHITE STRIPES                                          My Doorbell
THE CORAL                                                        Something Inside Of Me
THE DANDY WARHOLS                                      Smoke It
PAUL McCARTNEY                                              Fine Line
ARCADE FIRE                                                     Rebellion (Lies)
DEVENDRA BANHART                                         I Feel Just Like A Child
THE WILLOWZ                                                    Unveil
SHOUT OUT LOUDS                                            The Comeback
CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH               Upon This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood
CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH                Over And Over Again (Lost & Found)
FRANZ FERDINAND                                             Do You Want To
BLOODHOUND GANG                                           Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
ART BRUT                                                            Good Weekend
THE GO! TEAM                                                     Bottle Rocket
GRAVENHURST                                                    The Velvet Cell
LOUIS XIV                                                            Finding Out True Love Is Blind
METRIC                                                                Monster Hospital
GRANDADDY                                                        Pull The Curtains
ARCTIC MONKEYS                                I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
SECOND SEX                                                        The Clan
THE GREENHORNES                                             Pattern Skies
NINE BLACK ALPS                                                 Just Friends
THE HIVES                                                            A Little More For Little You
THE WARLOCKS                                                   It’s Just Like Surgery
SYSTEM OF A DOWN                                            Hypnotize
THE WHITE STRIPES                                            The Denial Twist
ARCADE FIRE                                                       Wake Up
NERVOUS CABARET                                              Mel Gibson
DEVENDRA BANHART                                           Heard Somebody Say
ANTONY & THE JOHNSONS                                  You Are My Sister
READYMADE FC                                                    The Only One
THE FUTUREHEADS                                              Area
THE SPINTO BAND                                                Mountains
THE SPINTO BAND                                                Brown Boxes
THE STROKES                                                       Juicebox
FRANZ FERDINAND                                              Walk Away
THE CRIBS                                                            You’re Gonna Lose Us
THE WILLOWZ                                                      Ulcer Soul
COLDPLAY                                                            Talk
THE SUNSHINE                                                      Love


Écoutez le nouvel album des Vines dans son intégralité

29 mars 2006

The Raconteurs en clip : Steady, As She Goes

29 mars 2006

Steady, As She Goes

(clip réalisé par Jim Jarmusch)

Entrée playlist : SECOND SEX – The Clan

29 mars 2006

Dans la famille nombreuse des groupes de rock lycéen, le quatuor parisien est sans doute le plus survolté et arrogant, l’un des plus prometteurs aussi.
Je vous propose d’écouter leur titre The Clan, présent sur la compile Gloria, et le CQFD 2006 des Inrocks.

Un nouveau coffret des Beatles attendu

26 mars 2006
Le 11 avril prochain, la compagnie Capitol Records lancera «Capitol Albums Volume 2», la suite d’un coffret paru en 2004 qui offrait les quatre premiers albums des Beatles lancés sur le sol américain. «Capitol Albums Volume 2» offrira les nouvelles éditions des albums «The Early Beatles», «Beatles IV», la bande sonore du film «Help!» et l’édition américaine de «Rubber Soul», tous parus en 1965.

Comme dans le premier coffret, chaque pièce de «Capitol Albums Volume 2» offrira une version stéréo et une version mono. Sur les 92 pièces offertes, 82 pièces apparaîtront dans des versions jamais entendues sur CD. Chaque album sera présenté dans une pochette imitant celle de l’album original.

Voici la liste des morceaux qui seront disponibles dans le coffret «Capitol Albums Volume 2» :

The Early Beatles

"Love Me Do"
"Twist and Shout"
"Ask My Why"
"Please Please Me"
"P.S. I Love You"
"Baby It’s You"
"A Taste of Honey"
"Do You Want To Know a Secret"

Beatles VI

"Kansas City"
"Eight Days a Week"
"You Like Me Too Much"
"Bad Boy"
"I Don’t Want To Spoil the Party"
"Words of Love"
"What You’re Doing"
"Yes It Is"
"Dizzy Miss Lizzie"
"Tell Me What You See"
"Every Little Thing"


"The Night Before"
"From Me to You Fantasy" (instrumentale)
"You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away"
"I Need You"
"In the Tyrol" (instrumentale)
"Another Girl"
"Another Hard Day’s Night" (instrumentale)
"Ticket To Ride"
"The Bitter End / You Can’t Do That" (instrumentale)
"You’re Gonna Lose That Girl"
"The Chase" (instrumentale)

Rubber Soul

"I’ve Just Seen a Face"
"Norwegian Wood"
"You Won’t See Me"
"Think for Yourself"
"The Word"
"It’s Only Love"
"I’m Looking Through You"
"In My Life"
"Run for Your Life"


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Au secours, nos amis les rockstars ont rétréci !

26 mars 2006
Saurez-vous les reconnaître ?

Entrée playlist : COLDPLAY – Talk

25 mars 2006

Les nouveaux albums des Yeah Yeah Yeahs et de Morrissey en écoute

24 mars 2006

Tommy Lee dans un nouveau groupe

23 mars 2006

Tommy Lee vient de signer un contrat pour faire parti d’un nouveau groupe.

La formation, baptisée Supernova, a été créée par la chaîne américaine CBS dans le cadre de la deuxième saison de l’émission Rock Star.

Dans cette émission, plusieurs milliers d’inconnus auditionnent pour devenir chanteur d’un groupe sans savoir qui les accompagnera.

L’heureux gagnant de l’émission partagera la vedette avec Tommy Lee mais également Jason Newsted, ancien membre de Metallica, et Gilby Clarke, ex-membre de Guns N’ Roses.

Lors de la première saison, le gagnant avait remplacé le défunt Michael Hutchence au sein de INXS.

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Entrées playlist : THE SPINTO BAND – Oh Mandy & Brown Boxes

22 mars 2006